How can I transfer my Aloha downloads from one iOS device to another?

For Premium users

Wifi file sharing

Friendly note: if you are not a Premium user, you can sign up for a free weekly trial and you can unsubscribe at any time!

Here is why we recommend it:

1. Sharing through the cloud requires cloud (which is also a paid service), at times it's very slow (files are uploaded, and then downloaded again), so if you have, say 15GB of files it will take forever. Wifi file sharing goes through wifi without spending data and it's ten times faster than cloud. Try it for free!

For Standard Aloha users

Via Files app or any Cloud:

1. Go to Aloha Downloads section
2. Enter Settings in the lower left corner
3. Enable 'Files Access' switch in the menu
4. Go to Files application on your device and enter Aloha folder
5. Select all files in Aloha folder and move it to iCloud/or any cloud
6. In your new iOS device go to Files app 
7. Enter iCloud/ or any cloud folder
8. Select all Aloha downloads and move it to Aloha app

Via iTunes:

1. Connect your device to PC/MAC
2. Go to Aloha downloads section
3. Tap Settings button in the bottom left corner
4. Enable File Access button
5. Enter iTunes on your PC or MAC
6. Click tiny mobile icon in the top left corner on iTunes
7. Then select 'File Sharing' in Settings list (on your left)
8. Choose Aloha from Apps list
9. Once you see all Aloha files lined up on the screen you can then click 'Save' in the lower right corner to store it on your PC/MAC
10. Disconnect your device and connect another one
11. Enter iTunes on your PC/MAC
12. Click tiny mobile icon in the top left corner on iTunes
13. Select 'File Sharing' in Settings list (on your left)
14. Choose Aloha from Apps list
15. Click 'Add...' button in the lower right corner (under Aloha files)
16. Then add all Aloha files previously stored on your PC/MAC and click 'Done' in iTunes

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