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How to restore history

Answered By Daisuke T. Comments: 1 3 days ago

How do I play media files?

Need Answer By Demi b. Comments: 3 3 days ago

How can I add a search engine (

Answered By Dedl Comments: 5 7 days ago

Hotstar issue

In Progress By Chirag A. Comments: 3 7 days ago

There are some errors in the UI interface

Solved By Rain L. Comments: 5 10 days ago

Stop ads from my time playing 8 ball pool by miniclip

Completed By Larry W. Comments: 2 11 days ago

Javascript Loop

In Progress By Jonathon W. Comments: 1 16 days ago

This could be a security issue on Android

Solved By Nathan F. Comments: 4 21 days ago
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