My file was deleted

Completed By ABDULLATIF Comments: 3 5 days ago

How to browse Aloha in VR mode?

Completed By Augure Comments: 3 6 days ago

How to check deleted history??

Completed By Vince Z. Comments: 3 2 weeks ago

allow share of multiple files

Completed By Vvox Comments: 3 3 weeks ago


Screen Rotate problem

Solved By Rami A. Comments: 3 5 days ago

Aloha changed language of app to arabic

Solved By Ronald P. Comments: 2 1 week ago

Downloading after update

Solved By Sergey K. Comments: 6 2 weeks ago

Browser frozen

Solved By Andreas H. Comments: 14 2 weeks ago


Aloha browser for Pc ? ?

Answered By MisterFoxy Comments: 2 1 week ago

Sort files

Answered By Tayseer E. Comments: 4 2 weeks ago

How to search on a website: iPad?

Answered By Alex Comments: 1 1 month ago

Dont want app’s startpage

Answered By garasakal Comments: 2 1 month ago