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Option to use custom user-agent string for iOS aloha browser

Completed By Alyu Comments: 4 11 months ago

Browser history being deleted

Completed By Mike P. Comments: 2 13 months ago

Как пользоваться в России

Completed By Юрий М. Comments: 1 13 months ago

Cannot download files on iPhone

In Progress By Aloha U. Comments: 1 13 months ago

Full screen video not working

Completed By Zain M. Comments: 2 13 months ago

Downloads pause when leaving the app

Completed By Rick S. Comments: 2 14 months ago

VPN doesnt seem to work on my devices

Completed By Снежана К. Comments: 4 14 months ago

Aloha does not work.

Completed By Pavel Comments: 6 14 months ago

Error recuperando metadatos

Completed By Derek W. Comments: 7 14 months ago
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