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I can’t dowloands video

Completed By Legal15 Comments: 10 4 years ago

Video files should retain title automatically

Completed By Madden C. Comments: 2 4 years ago


Declined By Krystal S. Comments: 1 5 years ago

I can’t downloaded from YouTube !

Completed By Vasiliou Comments: 3 4 years ago

Bug tri des musiques

Completed By Katashi Comments: 3 4 years ago

Mass Bookmarking

Completed By Elif S. Comments: 1 23 months ago

1Password extension support.

Completed By Per H. Comments: 2 5 years ago

I have to enter the login and google password again

Completed By Paul C. Comments: 8 8 months ago

Gesture support or swipe control

Completed By Knight S. Comments: 1 2 years ago
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