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Problems with Aloha Browser the last time

Completed By Ralf G. Comments: 8 8 months ago

Awsome tools from other popular browsers

Completed By Cristian P. Comments: 7 5 years ago

How to see bigger thumbnails in Files view?

Completed By Neil S. Comments: 4 2 years ago

Speed Dial .MP4??

In Progress By Cristian P. Comments: 1 5 years ago

Crashes after attempted open

In Progress By Max M. Comments: 10 4 years ago

Download problems

In Progress By Something A. Comments: 1 19 months ago

Add bookmarks folders on iPad?

Completed By Michal D. Comments: 2 4 years ago

360 video option removed

Completed By Vriscka S. Comments: 9 17 months ago

thumbnail video preview not working

In Progress By Jordy D. Comments: 2 4 years ago
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