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Tor Onion sites not loading

In Progress By Harry L. Comments: 1 17 months ago

Browser freezes on iPad

Solved By Tom P. Comments: 3 33 days ago

VPN turns off wifi entirely.

Solved By Tom V. Comments: 19 6 months ago

Cant reorder songs in app

Solved By Alex B. Comments: 4 10 months ago

Reached Maximum Connected Devices

Solved By Faris H. Comments: 3 12 months ago

download icon missing

Solved By wennxx Comments: 6 4 years ago

Please add another App. to activity list

Solved By Kaz P. Comments: 2 3 years ago

Unable to transfer files to PC

Solved By Keli Comments: 3 4 years ago


Solved By Max R. Comments: 2 3 years ago

Haptic vibration

Solved By Aditya A. Comments: 1 23 months ago
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