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forgotten passcode

Answered By Paul B. Comments: 8 56 days ago

How to hide Media Player Controls menu?

Answered By David S. Comments: 2 12 months ago

Where the dowloaded files are ?

Answered By Charles S. Comments: 5 9 months ago

Address bar Suggestions over Keyboard

Answered By Peter R. Comments: 2 8 months ago

How can I add a search engine (

Answered By Dedl Comments: 3 4 months ago

How to watch portrait video with Aloha browser v2.5.1?

Answered By Thanh N. Comments: 6 11 months ago

Are passwords saved in Aloha?

Answered By SAR166 Comments: 3 8 months ago

broser not opend

Need Answer By Varun M. Comments: 1 14 months ago

Can I move Speed Dials from one iOS device to another?

Answered By David L. Comments: 1 3 months ago
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