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Browser and VPN for PC?

Answered Daniel Sampson 23 months ago

Ihave Aloha for my android device and it has a Browser and VPN combo. I was Wondering if it was the same whenm getting the windows version?

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Hi, Daniel

Thanks for posting! Yes, you can use the same subscription on your Windows version via Aloha Profile account 👌


Daniel, Aloha Support did not answer your question. The answer is a hesitant yes. The Windows version of Aloha does have the VPN included and you can turn it on with your premium subscription - the same subscription you have on your Android.

BUT: ALL features of Aloha on Windows are extremely limited. It does not have the great use and functionality it probably has on Android and does have on iOS. TBH, I would probably only use Aloha if they made it work on Windows but they have not in over a year that I have had it.

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