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Installation was failed

Under Consideration By Yusup Comments: 2 32 hours ago

Keyboard Shortcuts

Completed By Garrett B. Comments: 2 2 days ago

I have to enter the login and google password again

Completed By Paul C. Comments: 8 2 days ago

I have Aloha Premium but..

Completed By Roberto G. Comments: 8 4 days ago

Problems with Aloha Browser the last time

Completed By Ralf G. Comments: 8 4 days ago

Searching tabs

Completed By Pierce S. Comments: 1 8 days ago

Any experience with the aloha browser for Mac?

Completed By John B. Comments: 4 12 days ago

Only downloads html and not mp4 on

In Progress By J Y. Comments: 10 15 days ago

No sync between Android Browser and Windows Browser

Under Consideration By Mark H. Comments: 1 24 days ago
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