How do I transfer files to my computer?

There are a few different ways to share your files to PC/MAC:

– Wi-Fi file sharing, its available with the Premium subscription and you can try it for free!

– Connect your device to PC/MAC.

Wifi file sharing to other devices using QR code:

1. Go to Aloha Downloads Settings.
2. Enable Wi-Fi file sharing toggle.
3. Tap QR code button and code will pop up in full screen:

4. Now, open web browser in another device and activate QR reader.

5. Point camera to scan QR code on your first device.

6. Once you scan QR code, your files will appear on the screen and you can manage your files: Create new folders/Download files/upload files:

Connect your device to PC/MAC

1. Connect your device to computer.
2. Use your favourite file transfer software (for example Android file transfer, that ships by default with your device).
3. Open your Aloha Public download folder.
4. Transfer files back and forth as usual.

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