How to set up Passcode?

If you wish to protect your personal data on Aloha app, you will have to set up a passcode. Its a simple 4-digit password that will prevent other people from accessing your personal data on Aloha app.

Learn how to set up a passcode on Aloha app:

1. Open Aloha app
2. Go to Settings:

3. Tap 'Privacy Settings':

4. Tap 'Passcode' toggle to set it up:

5. Create 4 digit passcode and type it in:

6. Type the passcode once again to confirm it:

7. To enable Fingerprint/Face authentication follow the steps for Passcode set up. Instead of passcode, choose - Unlock with fingerprint/Face authentication:

Once the passcode is set up you can choose which areas you prefer to lock. By default it locks the application. But you can choose to only protect the access to Private Tabs/ Downloads/ Private Tabs and Downloads.

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