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It tells me download error host unavailable

Answered Brandon Vazquez 2 years ago

I don’t understand why on my phone i can download but not on my IPad

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting!

Please do the following on your iPad to be able to download files:

  1. Open aloha
  2. Open another app with splitScreen
  3. Reduce the size of the Aloha app to a minimum
  4. Open site in Aloha
  5. Download video

Take care,


Hello everyone, I have the same problem with my iPad Pro. Have now also tried with the split screen but there is still the message that the host is not available. With split screen, does it matter whether I have it in portrait or landscape format? I hope you can help me so that I can finally download videos on my IPad.


this method used to work. It no longer does. Is the browser going to be updated?

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