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Austria VPN is really slow

Solved SundaxX 2 years ago


I just wanted to report that the Austrian-VPN is running pretty slow and if you guys can check if everything is alright. I donĀ“t think that i am the only one who is experiencing this. Because i'm living in Germany and the connection shouldn't be that bad, because Austria is just a few 100km/s away and i have a 1000 Mbit/s Wifi-Router. Anyways with the Austrian-VPN turned on i just only have a download of about 1 kbit/s-3kbit/s (with other vpn locations I dont have this problem).

Tried on:

Aloha Browser for Windows Version:

(Same thing on Ipad and on Iphone running with the newest version)

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Good day,

Thanks for reporting. We have checked our Austria server and it seems to work fine, normal speed. Could you please forward any web link where do experience slow download speed with the Austrian server? Thanks a lot!


Its not really a specific Website, its for example on google it takes ages to load or for example to unblock geoblocked content from websites like ORF for example (https://tvthek.orf.at/live/Fussball-2-Liga-FAC-Wien-GAK/14168140) the stream will not load with the vpn and it takes ages to get their.

I attached results from a speedtest


Thanks for the link. We checked it, and nothing loads at all.

However, we have checked our Austria server and it's up to date, no errors, the speed is 4.7 Mbps. So its not the issue with the server, it seems the problem is with this video service or with the route between our vpn-server and video service.

There is not much we can do in this case unfortunately.


Aloha Team

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