The application will not be updated

By Sina Heydari 2 months ago

Hi, First of all, thanks to the app developers and support team.

My phone is Xiaomi Note 8 with Android version 11 operating system

The app sends a message that needs to be


I'm starting the Google Play Store to update,

The update goes to the 100% stage, after this the app must be installed and updated, but It stops at this stage and does not go to the next stage and does not work.

I will send you pictures related to this problem.

I read and followed the Google Play guide, the section related to troubleshooting the app from the Play Store, but the problem was not solved.

So based on the Google Play guide to fix the problem, I sent you an email.

Please help me, thank you for your guidance

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting. Can you please clear Play Store cache and then try the update button once more? Let me know if it works.


I have done this now and several times before, but unfortunately the problem is not solved


Try to reboot device, relaunch play store, relaunch Aloha application. If nothing helps, please contact Play Store support. This is not Aloha's issue.


Aloha Team


Thank you so much.

I did all this, but the problem still exists,

So I call Google Play support

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