ios premium user but windows 10...not update

By gogi kimchi mandoo 21 months ago
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not working vpn

not connection vpn

help me

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Hi there,

What kind of VPN error do you experience?


Hello - Aloha is not great in actually answering questions. From the jpg's you have uploaded, vpn2.jpg shows the VPN connected to the fastest server and active. The problem is, Aloha is not really keeping up with their Windows browser. It does not have the full functionality one expects with their premium subscription. You may try updating your computer to Windows 11. Aloha for Windows is working as well as it can on Windows 11 - it is just missing so much we all have come to love and expect from Aloha.


Aloha version on windows is still running on beta version, hence not all features are available just yet.

What questions did you have that we were unable to answer to you?

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