Several incomplete downloads all of a sudden dissapeared on Android 10 phone.

By Jan Bolin 20 months ago


Yesterday I had several incomplete downloads on my Android 10 phone, but today all of a sudden all of these were gone.

I have not deleted them, and some of them have been there for 2 weeks.

Is this a known problem, that can happen?

Is there a way to recover incomplete downloads that vanished from the download folder?

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Good day, Jan

Thanks for posting. Aloha removes pending downloads data after 14 days because most of file links expires within this period, hence the downloads cannot be completed.

No data has been downloaded, so only information about pending downloads has been removed. You can look through your browsing history to find page links and download files again.

Also, we recommend to complete your downloads ASAP because many websites use dynamic links with a limited lifetime, and there’s no way to resume a paused download after links has been changed.


Aloha Team

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