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windows suspended aloha browser

In Progress Jacks 20 months ago

My aloha browser will not open at all. when i go to task manager and click the aloha icon, i see for a split second that aloha is suspended before it disappears in manager. i have tried going thru monitor to unsuspend aloha but i don't see it there. I have uninstalled and reinstalled aloha 3 times. I have even gone into msconfig to disable all services that are not Microsoft and still no luck

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting. What windows version do you have?


Windows 10


And what Aloha version do you use?

Please try open Aloha in debug mode:

1. open cmd (Command Prompt)

2. type “cd C:\Users\%USER MANE%\AppData\Local\Aloha Mobile\Aloha\Application” (change %USER MANE% to your windows user name)

3. type “aloha.exe --enable-logging=stderr”

4. Aloha will start in debug mode. Copy and send to us error from cmd (Command Prompt)

Thank you,

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