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App fails to download video

Solved kj bj 21 months ago

App detects video source that starts from blob then fails to download that video..all videos that it detects as blob gets failed..if it could detect the correct url,m3u8 link then it might be able to download..other thing is its processing though it has improved as earlier it use to fail every-time at processing but now it fails sometimes,, if there is a problem in converting batch files to mp4 then just batch download in a single file with original extension like .ts as there are video players that can play any format..

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting. Are you an iPad user?


yes sir


Most of the sites provide desktop content for iPads, including the way how video is played on the page. Thats why most popular on desktop - blob is used on iPad. You can imitate iPhone for the sites using split view and by switching Aloha to minimum displayed layout:

  1. Open Aloha app
  2. Open any other app with splitScreen
  3. Reduce the size of the Aloha app to a minimum
  4. Open site in Aloha
  5. Download video

This method should work on most sites, however we do not guarantee it will work in all cases.

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