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Deleted files on aloha didnt free up storage space but increase storage of System Data on iPhone

Solved Dylan 16 months ago

Hi, I’m also encountered the issue which after I deleted files from aloha, it didn’t free up my iPhone storage, but it increase the storage of iPhone called “System Data”. I have accumulated 80gb of data which exactly is the file that deleted file from aloha. My thought are those deleted files from aloha downloads folder just makes them invisible so they still take up many storage of storage on my iPhone. I clean up everything I could in aloha, e.g downloads, recycle bin, cache, history. I even go into debug mode and reset all but it still the same.

May I know where can I find the deleted file of aloha goes ? so I can delete it and free up my storage space.

Thank you.

fyi, My iOS is version 16.1.2 and aloha app is also the latest v4.4.3.

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Hi there!

Please update Aloha app to the latest version and this bug will be resolved 👍


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