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Four connected IOS devices, however, problem with the last device (laptop on Windows) connection

Known Maksim 16 months ago

I have an aloha premium account with four devices connected to it (all on IOS). Few days ago i downloaded aloha on my laptop (Windows OS) and connected to it. All this day i have been using aloha on laptop successfully but today i again logged into the app and understood that i can`t use my premium account. The problem is next: i want to connect to some server but instead app redirects me to the page where i can get a paid subscription and over one-two seconds redirects me again to my main profile. Also, when i open settings and go to the tab "You and Aloha" i see next: "Unverified account. Verify your email address to activate your profile. Click “Resend email” if you did not receive the verification email". Good, i click the button "Resend email" and nothing happens, i don`t get an email.

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Good day,

Thanks for your feedback. Can I see this behaviour in the screen recording please?


Aloha Team

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