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(PC Testing) 1.0 Already?

Answered Makeineer K. Newsletter 17 months ago

Lovely day for it, community forum!

If I might ask the team: I noticed that the latest alpha/beta version of Aloha for PC is... no beta at all. The website still claims so, however my version number went from to; Is the PC version already a MVP*?

Also, if you get a chance: Would it be possible to get a tag for the PC version on the community page- heck, even a community server through the likes of Slack, Discord, Guilded, etc?

Just a request, here: Would it be possible to optionally flip the location of the Aloha shield and the bookmark button- maybe even have the ability to put some bookmarks on the right? These are all QoL requests for a 1.0 version, I know. Also, for the note: Google services are mentioned quite a few times in the settings menu where things have been removed or replaced with Aloha services.


- Makeineer

*Minimum viable product before you comment, spectators.

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Good day!

Thanks for suggesting! Your inquiry has been forwarded to our devs team for consideration 👍


Aloha Team

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