Latest Android Version Leaks WebRTC

By Jackson Davis 12 months ago

I wanted to report that the latest version of Aloha on the Google Play store currently has a WebRTC leak on Android 11.

I've been using Aloha for years on different devices, and have never had this problem on iOS.

I would highly suggest solving this problem either through a patch or how most other modern web browsers do by allowing the user to config whether WebRTC is enabled or disabled. I use Aloha because it is advertised as a privacy orientated browser, but with the current leak through WebRTC it brings hesitation in my mind to continue using the software. I would greatly appreciate this being resolved so that I can remain comfortable doing so.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for posting.

  1. Firstly, please note that: every test-website will show your real IP if you don't use VPN.
  2. At the moment we do not support Web RTC in Aloha browser.

If you are experiencing IP leak with active VPN service, please provide more information/proof for testing.


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