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Aloha wont let me log into onlyfans. Just keeps saying its an expired form

Solved Russell Rouse 13 months ago

It says something like this usually happens when you have multiple pages open and then return to an old page to try to log in. Restarted the app several times, closed any page that I thought had ever even had onlyfans open and then opened a new page by directly typing in the onlyfans myself… still got that error page and it works just fine in safari. I have tried everything I can think of. Sorry to bother.

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Good day,

Thanks for your feedback. What Aloha and OS version do you currently have? Can we also see this behaviour in the screen recording? Thanks,


Aloha Team


FWIW our users have reported a similar issue on our site inkbunny.net. Are you perhaps blocking same-site referers or tokens? That's not going to work because we get a lot of DDoS attacks with blank referers and forms have to be safeguarded with tokens to deal with XSS attacks where a POST is submitted from another site. I wouldn't doubt that OnlyFans has faced similar attacks.

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