img.src crash browser in mobile device IOS

By Dmitry Mukhin 8 months ago
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Hello. I have an interesting bug in a IOS mobile app. After the user logs in, they see a white screen. I have identified the issue: there is a problem with this line of code.

    const img = document.createElement('img');
    img.src = url;
I am using it for analytics purposes, and if the URL's Content-Type is set to text/html, it crashes the app and displays a white screen. The problem is that the img source should be an image, and I am aware of that. However, in other browsers, it works without crashing.

In Aloha Desktop and other browsers, everything works without any problems.

Tested on several IPhones. From 12 to 14. App downloaded yesterday.

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Thanks for reporting. We are looking into it 🛠️


Can please attach url link for testing?

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