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Can I receive an invite for macOS version of the browser?

Answered John Johnson 10 months ago

Would like to use on mac please.

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Hi there,

We have temporary removed the option to download Mac version as it is still in development stage at this point, it will be returned later on, so please hang on! 🙂

Take care,

Aloha Team


I installed the MacOS Aloha Browser. Can't uninstall the VPN system extension. Yes I have tried redownloading it and simply dragging it to the trash. I've also done this in safe mode. I've tried several times, but the system extension is enabled and will not delete. Downloading the Aloha Browser again simply creates new system extensions, I cannot remove the old one. I have tried emailing support several times, with no response.

The only other options I have left are disable system integrity, which I do not want to do. Or erase my entire Macbook. Please send an uninstaller or script that will remove this system extension.

Team and group identifiers:

DBVBNXAA55 com.alohabrowser.alohabrowser.Vpn

Additionally, the system extension is enabled and activated.

I have Macos Ventura.

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