all of my history just deleted before July 7

By Obi Wan kenobi 7 days ago
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i had history for almsot a year, dates till like the start of october 2022, suddenly its all gone, never deleted it.

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on pc its only from June 17, on phone from July 6. idk what happened i didnt delete it. HELP


Hi there,

Thanks for reporting. Please answer the following:

- what Aloha version do you have?

- what OS version do you have?

- device model?

- did you delete Aloha app?

- do you use sync via Aloha Profile?

- do you have enough storage on your device?



-iOS 17 (but its also on PC, im on windows 10 latest release)

-iphone 11

- i occasionally do but i did it countless times without the history being affected

-yes its synced

- i do.


Please send us report:

1. Go to iPhone/iPad Settings

2. Scroll down to find Aloha app and tap it

3. Turn Debug switch on

4. Go to Aloha app

5. Tap Report in the top right corner and send it to us

We will look into it as soon as we can.

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