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A new problem of synchronization and verification in PREMIUM. I do not receive a letter with ver

Solved Bradde 8 months ago

I have been signed for premium through the iPhone for several years. Synchronization works great on the iPad. It used to work on PC (Windows 10). After I reinstalled Windows 10 and downloaded the latest browser’s most vegetable - synchronization on the PC stopped working.
When I authorize on a PC, everything goes successfully and I get to the main menu, where it is clear that I bought premium.
(https://lohaprofile.com/profile_settings.html - on this link)
But the browser itself shows me that I have a basic version and offers an upgrade.
(Do not pay attention to the dull window in the upper right corner. It is dull because I take a screenshot at the time of its appearance)
** Picture 1

When I click on the upgrade, I again fall into the main menu, where it is clear that I bought premium. But sometimes I manage to see that during the transition, in this main menu it is proposed to verify my Email. Then the page quickly updates and I again find myself in the main menu, where it is clear that I bought premium.
(I can’t attach a screenshot, since this happens very quickly, sometimes I do not have time to see it)

For some reason, the system considers my Email not verified, but it does not allow me to verify it. When I manage to press with lightning speed on "send a verification to Email", during the transition, this page is opening to me:
** Picture 2

I also went to the Additional Settings and tried to send confirmation of verification. But nothing came to the mail.
** Picture 3

This is all very strange, I used premium for several years on all devices and there were no problems with verification. Just in case, I changed my password and updated the application to the last version. But it did not help.

What is even more strange is that I could not go with my username and password to the site https://community.lohabrowser.com/.
I had to register my same mail on this resource.

Please help me turn on the synchronization on the PC! :(
Perhaps I need help with sending a letter to the account of the account with reference to verification.

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Hi there,

Please open Settings (or Additional settings if app version or higher) - Aloha profile - Manage synchronisation.

Sync is switched off by default.

Image for example:


Hi, this does not work. The current version of my premium browser
On iPhone and iPad, synchronization is still working.

Please look at my attached screenshot at number 3 in the first message.
I can’t click on the "Manage synchronisation" because the button is not active.
I am applying a new screenshot.

As you can see in the screenshot, I have already pressed several times on "Resend Email". But nothing came to me by mail after several days.

What else can you do?


In this case please try log in on desktop via email/password (not via apple ID) and
switch off this feature if its enabled - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210425 when you log in to Aloha profile on windows version.

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