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Onlyfans video downloads with .m3u8 failing

Solved AlohaToYouToo 6 months ago


Any video I download from onlyfans.com with a .m3u8 extension is resulting in either, a “Video Processing Failed” message after it appears to successfully download the files, or a successful download but the video had no sound or picture and the file size and length are not correct.

Usually they are 5x larger in size as well as duration. For example, an approximately 1 minute 1080p video downloads as a 6 minute 500mb file.

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Hey, It seems like it’s some sort of server-side protection, not related to our downloader.

These tips that may help:

  1. Enable Aloha VPN before downloading the video – changing the location might help to work around an issue.
  2. Try to limit the downloading threads count to 1 in Aloha Downloads settings – some web services are banning multithread downloads.


Aloha Team

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