aloha windows version not working at all

By Robbie 50 days ago

even stopping and restarting the aloha service doesn't work, it opens literally for maybe 1 second and then closes with its service still running, I am running windows 10. is this something on my end, or is the software for aloha not for windows 10 anymore?

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Hi there,

We need a log from windows console:
a. Open windows program “cmd”
b. In cmd open Aloha folder (e.g. C:\Users\“YOUR_USER_NAME”“\AppData\Local\Aloha Mobile\Aloha\Application
c. Run Aloha in cmd with the command “Aloha.exe --enable-logging=stderr”
d. Send log from cmd to us!


I figured out how to resolve the issue, I'm still not 100% certain way there was one, however it had something to do with the data cache after removing all of the data of aloha and then reinstalling it with none of the previous data accessible to it upon reinstalling did the trick, which means I think there might have ben a software malfunction? thou the version that I had when it broke I think was a build, and because I had uninstalled that version and then went back to the download site and redownloaded the installer I got the, which launched the first time fine but when that window was closed and the aloha app restarted it popped up for 1 second but with all the bookmarks and everything I had, even though I hadn't logged into the app yet and then closed after that 1second time frame. However because I saw it had all the data which the window of aloha that had functioned normally didn't have any of it, I had deleted all of the data for it after uninstalling it then did a reinstall witch worked and even after logging in and having everything sync again it was still working. could the issue have been with the software not updating properly and then the aloha server connection being to unstable for the app to fix/update its data to sync with the aloha servers? The only reason I am even saying this is because it is fixed now, however with being able to fix it on my own I no longer have access to the relevant information that you would need to identify what did happen. if this does happen again I will send you the log before I do anything else.


Hey, we believe this has to do with the version you have been using.

No worries, if you come across any other errors, let us know!

Take care,

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