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How to Access the Download Folder in the SD Card ?

Answered Dafacir 4 months ago

Hello ! Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening !

I would like to ask how I can access the SD card folder (for Aloha Downloads) in my SD card because in my Aloha app, there is a folder called SD card.

When I download youtube videos or google images directly into it, I can access the files in the folder called SD card when I am inside the app. BUT when I leave the app, I CANNOT see the folder nor the files in my SD card. I searched for it until the smallest folders, it is Invisible I am sure of it. Therefore I would like to ask how can I create a folder in Aloha in which I can see and access its files in my actual SD card to move. OR How can I access the SD card folder from my Aloha app in my SD card Because it would actually be so helpful if I could as my SD card holds 256GB worth of space while my device holds only half of it.

My Device is Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

128 GB while my SD card is 256 GB

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Good day,

Thanks for your feedback. Due to Google Play policy files downloaded in Aloha app can only be accessed via Aloha app and nowhere else on your device. If you wish to access your files from outside of the app you have to transfer them from Aloha to any other apps, cloud or SD card.


Aloha Team


Thank you so much !


You are most welcome! Take care,

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