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Cannot Sign In to Members Area in Subscription One Website with Aloha Browser

Solved J Albert 3 months ago

Hi there,

I’m having issues signing-in to the members area of subscription webpage recu.me. It used to work without issues but I now get stuck at the verify that you are human screen whenever I use Aloha. And I have no issues logging on with the Chrome Browser so I know the issue is the Aloha Browser.

I’ve included a print-screen for you to see. I do not want to post my login information on here for you to try on your end to login as this is a public forum. Would you kindly create a mock account at recu.me and try to log in. It’s free to join and no credit cards are necessary unless you specifically purchase the premium membership.

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Good day,

Thanks for your feedback. This bug is known to us and we are working to sort it out, so please stay tuned!


Aloha Team

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