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Aloha is occupying more space than its supposed to!

In Progress Demon 39 days ago

The Aloha files says it uses only 3.1GB from my downloads, but in the iOS settings app it says aloha is using 6.42GB…. My guess is the videos I’ve already deleted haven’t been fully deleted and is stored somewhere hidden… (FYI: I’VE ALREADY DELETED THE THINGS IN TRASH AND CLEARED CACHE, HISTORY, AND ALL THE COOKIES) what should I do to solve this?

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Hi there,

Thanks for reporting!

Please send us report so we can look into it:

1. Go to iPhone/iPad Settings

2. Scroll down to find Aloha app and tap it

3. Turn Debug switch on

4. Go to Aloha app

5. Tap Report in the top right corner and send it to us

We will look into it as soon as we can.

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