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Bookmarks disappeared

Answered Paj Cje 37 days ago

So I had gotten a new iPhone so I had my data transferred over from one phone to the other. I thought it transferred everything over and since I was trading my old one in I had to factory reset it. Well of course right after I factory reset it I went on my new phone and went to Aloha. My files transferred over but for some reason my bookmarks did not appear. Are they completely gone? I do not believe I had an aloha account where I was logged in. Would they have saved in an iCloud backup perhaps?

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Hi there,

You can only import bookmarks manually in Aloha or sync them via Aloha Profile account.

We recommend using Aloha profile account so you can always sync your bookmarks settings tabs and more by logging in to your account 👍

Take care,

Aloha Team

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