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I cannot login to my Aloha account on the Mac (Apple silicon) version of the Aloha browser.

Solved Toru toru 26 days ago

After logging in, the profile screen appears, but the browser does not reflect my login status, and it asks me to log in again every time I press the sync button.
Also, when I try to log in via Google, I get an invalid_request error, and when I try to log in using my email address, I get a message saying "Please wait a moment and log in again.
In many cases, I cannot even log in properly.
If this is a bug in the specification, I would like to see it fixed as soon as possible.

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Good day,

Thanks for your feedback. This bug is known to us and we are working to sort it out, so please stay tuned, it will be fixed in the next beta release.


Aloha Team

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