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Wifi file sharing connection issue

Solved Zayne Hayashi 3 years ago

I’m trying to transfer videos from my IPhone to IPad thru wifi sharing but despite having fast internet, it keeps telling me “Timed Out”

I tried doing the same thing with VPN but still the same issue.

I also made sure both devices are connected to the same wifi, tried QR code, and made sure to type in the correct Wifi File Sharing Address. The same issue happens when I try IPad to IPhone.

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Thanks for reporting. Please allow us some time to look into it 🛠



We tested it and traced the problem, it will be fixed in next update, for now we can suggest:

  1. try to open displayed link in wifi sharing section
  2. tap the address bar again
  3. update the displayed link from https://192.168… to http://192.168… i.e. remove S

Wifi sharing interface should be opened.

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