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Ad blocker And Pop up blocker Doesn't work on the Mobile Version of Xhamster.com

Solved Joshua 3 years ago

-Ad blocker- Doesn't block any Banner Ads from Trafficstars "On the xhamster.com Mobile version of the website" (NSFW Images/Website)

- -Doesn't block any Pop ups either after clicking on a video.

- - -I will be including screenshots as evidence that your browser doesn't block any Ads on this website. I will include stats from the adblocker stats in the settings of the Aloha Browser.

- - - -Also the download function on xhamster.com is no longer available with the Aloha web browser. (Xhamster used to promote and say to download Aloha web browser to download videos. Now that button is gone.)

_I'm using Version 3.1.1 of the browser.

_Version of Android is Android 10 Q

--I also listed a couple questions below regarding your web browser functionality.

1.) Any chance you will be expanding the capabilities of your adblocker? (Allowing users to add there own block lists or curate your block list from a open source such as AdGuard, Easy List, or Ublock, etc... On GitHub)

2.) Any chance you will introduce a dark theme or dark mode for your browser?

3.) Any chance you will add extension support for the web browser? (Such as Chrome Web store, similar too Kiwi Browser)

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Also the Adblocker and Pop up Blocker doesn't work properly on the Mobile version of Xhamster.com on the Aloha Turbo version of the browser.

The version # of Aloha Turbo I am using currently using is 3.1.1 and on my Android 10 Q device.

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