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Recently, some of my Aloha files in their folders, mostly videos, seemed to have corrupted; moving them into another folder ended up corrupting the other files as well. After researching, I learned that restoring downloads in Debug Mode should fix the files. However, after restoring the downloads, my other files were fine, but they ended up strewn all over the place rather than where they were located before. As for the corrupted files and their folders, they ended up disappearing, which I am fine with as I am looking to fix this current issue.

In essence, most of my files seem intact, even though some are outside the folders they were in. But sorting them by date- which is how they were sorted before, no longer matters as they are spread all over the place, no matter the date. Their dates inside my IPhone's Files however are sorted correctly.

All-in-all, my question is:

Is there any way I can sort the folders and files back to their actual dates? Or am I cursed to sort them all back manually? There is quite a large number of files, and I mean a large number.

I appreciate any responses.

Kind Regards,


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Hello, Celestina

Thanks for reporting.

What you are currently experiencing in downloads section is Aloha's faulty and we are aware of this behaviour. The team is in the works to sort this issue out and it will function properly in the future releases.

For now there is no way to restore your previous display of downloaded files, you will have to redo it manually, I am afraid. We apologise for the inconvenience 🙏

Kind regards,

Aloha Team


Thank you for the response.

I have one more question:

After restoring and taking a look at the files, 6 new files appeared, each one is 60.3 MB named "data 1-6".

Are these files of any importance? Or are they just random files that were restored and can be deleted? I also noticed several files I deleted quite a while ago ended up being restored as well.

Thanks again.


If these are empty files, and no importance to you, you can delete them.

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