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Deleted my Aloha app

Answered Nauman Jaskani 3 years ago

Sir I accidentally deleted my Aloha app,,,What should i do as i have my personal videos in Aloha app….My biggest mistake is i have not made any account in Aloha..What should i do to recover it???I know it is impossible,,But can Aloha team can help me in recovering my data ????

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Hi, Nauman

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, deleting the app results in downloads loss. There is no way to restore it at the time being.

Please note that Aloha Profile account does not back up your downloads, you have to back them up manually: on iTunes/on your PC or any storage/ any cloud.


Aloha Team


I also have similar problem. But i don't want downloads back, as there were no. But I want my web history, favorites (speed dials ), bookmarks and data of un-closed tab.

Please help Sir, data was important .

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