[Aloha Browser PC] There is a few issues I've come across with the browser when first using it.

By Blake Ross 14 months ago

I've run across a few issues when first using the PC browser right off the bat, but it does look pretty promising with some polishing, and rebranding/redesigning.

I had immediate issues with:

-Signing Up/Logging into my Aloha account using Apple, it will guide you through on Apple's login site, but then will land you back on the login screen, and nothing actually logged in.

-Finding an extension tab that was obvious so that I knew where to get extensions. I eventually realized if you get them from the Chrome Web store, you could install them, but I wish it was more apparent.

-Syncing tabs with my Mobile: I know it's probably too early to be worried over this feature being implemented this early on in the application's life, but I will say this is one of the BIGGEST reasons that I personally would use Aloha on my PC and my phone. I just hope this feature isn't forgotten.

I also have one feature request to be added to the "VPN Settings" tab in the settings menu, and that would be to have the option to hide the VPN shield icon in the top left, as I use a separate VPN locally on my PC. (And hopefully have this feature on Mobile too!)

Thanks for creating such a great browser experience, though!

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Hi there,

Thanks for such a detailed feedback, we appreciate it! All of your suggestions will be forwarded to our devs team for consideration 👍

Please note that we are still at the very early stage and we will be improving it along the way!

Kind regards,

Aloha Team

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