Aloha Browser Is Leaking WebRTC IPs

By Joshua 2 years ago

Aloha Browser and Aloha Turbo Browser version 3.7.2 is leaking WebRTC IPs.

This is a major privacy concern for users of both versions of Aloha Browser on Android. I have included screenshots that show and indicate that is exactly what's happening and have blurred my IPs for privacy reasons.

Even if I'm connected to my VPN provider or the VPN within the Aloha Browser my local and VPN assigned IPs are leaked via WebRTC and aren't masked because no option to disable WebRTC within this browser is given.

Android versions I tested this version of the browsers on are as listed- Android 9,10,and 11.

Until this is fixed I will not be using Aloha Browser or recommending any of your applications to friends or family because of privacy related concerns that plague your applications and I feel as though this issue will go ignored and won't be addressed for months or even at all. Until then my 1 star reviews on Google play will stay and not change until my concerns are addressed.

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Thanks for posting.

  1. Firstly, please note that: every test-website will show your real IP if you don't use VPN (all your screenshots shows that is the case)
  2. At the moment we do not support Web RTC in Aloha browser.

If you are experiencing IP leak with active VPN service, please provide more information/proof for testing.



'No offense meant to you, Joshua, however that last paragraph was extremely stiff. It also, whether you are or not, creates a sense of entitlement attached to you and your Google Play review; Neither of which are present.

A response of that caliber would make sense if you've waited and received no support/hostile support, however it is rather immature as an introduction.

As a developer, myself, I'd think twice about responding 'till I'd fixed the issue; If even responding at all. Your post may have simply been marked closed and archived.

That said, please do not take this as a hostile response. I'm just looking to keep developer morale at Aloha a tad higher than normal, as I'd like to see the desktop edition succeed and exceed.

- Makeineer

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