Moving files to folder on device/Android Aloha Browser

By Bill Vicaire 9 months ago

The files I download are stored on the app. There are no files in the

AlohaUserDownload folder. I read the information you put out about the change in Android policy but I wasn't sure if my issue was encapsulated in info you gave. Essentially, I have documents and files stuck on the Aloha app and want them in the AlohaUserDownload folder.

I hope this makes sense, Thanks for any help.

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One update I wanted to add is that when I try to move the files to the device download folder, I get an error that says "some items cannot be moved". I get this error for all files. Doesn't matter what type they are.


Hi there,

Thanks for your message. Did you previously download these files in Aloha app or other apps on your device?


No, I downloaded them with Aloha browser. I can see them when I click the down arrow say the bottom tool bar. I can open them and read them. But they do not show up in the

AlohaUserDownloads folder located in my device storage. I also can't move them to the device.


I understand, as per new Google policy, you can no longer access Aloha files outside the app.

Please see below:

Files downloaded in Aloha Browser from now on are in the scoped storage. It will no longer be accessible in other applications on your device, except for the Aloha Browser File Manager. Also, you can no longer download files to any chosen folder on your device, except the folders in Aloha File Manager.

Your previously downloaded files, are still on your device, but according to the old settings, they can now be found in the following areas:

  • Private folder remains exactly the same - private files are stored in the folder and only is accessible within the Aloha Browser app.
  • Downloads folder by default in the settings will remain the same way as before.
  • If you had previously set up your downloads to “System Downloads folder”, then your files will be accessible in Aloha’s Public Downloads folder.
  • If you had previously set up your downloads to any custom folder on your device like “Music” or “My Files”, these files will be no longer available from Aloha. However, they will be available only in the third-party file managers exactly in the same folder where you had it.
  • If you had previously set up your downloads to any folder on SD card then your files will now be accessible in the new SD card folder.

From now on files stored in SD card will have a quick access in Aloha’s File Manager, we have added SD card folder.

In regards to Public folder, according to the new Google Play policy; Files downloaded in Aloha Browser can be viewed, edited, shared, etc. Files downloaded in other applications, but stored in Aloha Browser can only be viewed and copied. To avoid confusion, such files has a “no editing’ icon in the upper left corner.

User’s privacy and security remains one of the most important criteria for us, therefore the Private Downloads folder remains safe and continues to work the same way as before.


I understand, so is the only way to get the files is to email them to myself? Or share them some other way?

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