Question about clearing cache / "Other" storage.

By Celestina Christoforou 7 months ago

Hello again.

Recently, I have notice that the "Other" storage on my Iphone has been growing at a faster rate than before. From my research, the Other storage should be where all the caches and collected data are stored, usually from browsers. I have cleared the caches and cleaned out almost every app with little result- with the exception of Aloha, which I have not cleared.

Furthermore, clearing the cache of Aloha should not clear anything such as downloads or bookmarks? Additionally, since Aloha is a browser, does it actually have any large effect on the "Other" storage? For clarity, Aloha is effectively the only I app I use: for reading, videos, music alike.

Thanks again.


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Hi there,

You can clear Cache/Cookies/History in Aloha Privacy settings. It will not affect your downloaded files!

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