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By Anuk Perera 2 years ago

So I have been using Aloha for years now, mainly to play videos and listen to music, and with the recent update, the video player doesn’t start videos at the beginning but at the last point at which the video was interrupted, generally if I was watching a movie or something this wouldn’t be an issue but when I try to listen to my music and have to skip a few videos ahead to get to what I want, the next time I play a video I skipped or play a song which I interrupted in the middle but want to hear from the beginning, it starts with the few seconds or so removed which had been played previously and it’s really annoying to have to constantly use the slider to make it go back to the beginning. I understand that a lot of people like having the player start where the video was interrupted but I’m sure there are people for whom the opposite is true, including myself, so if you don’t mind, could you please atleast introduce an option in the settings which will allow the player to either start the videos from the beginning instead of from the middle? As in an option to either enable or disable the player from beginning where the video was interrupted, because frankly I am a bit less inclined to use the player nowadays, since I have to constantly keep fixing where I want the player to start from. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you in advance for taking notice!

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Hi, Anuk

Thanks for your feedback. We will introduce Disable Watch Progress toggle in the next release, so please hang on 😉

Take care,


Thank you again!

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