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Aloha VPN disconnects frequently

Need Answer Gil Rodriguez 2 years ago

Downloaded the Aloha browser for iOS a couple weeks ago and just now familiarizing myself with the various settings. As I don’t normally require a VPN to surf the web I don’t subscribe to a VPN service. I’m not seeing the benefits of paying for Aloha’s browser VPN if it’s going to disconnect whenever it wants to and without obvious reason or warning.

While using the browser’s free VPN with limited functionality I’ve attempted to limit possible causes for this behavior by turning off Bluetooth, WiFi, ensuring a strong cellular signal is present, closing unused browser tabs, and closing open apps not currently being used.

*I enabled Aloha’s VPN when I began to write this, oddly enough this is the longest it has remained connected. I won’t hold my breath though - anyone have any helpful proven solutions or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

Thanks for reporting. Please answer the following:

- what aloha version do you have

- what iOS version do you have on your device

- do you experience vpn errors when you leave Aloha app?

- please take a screenshot of VPN error and send attach it in the chat.




Thanks for your questions. Since having posted my question/concern I’ve found that nothing has changed.

1) Aloha v3.4.2

2) iOS 15.3

3) I only have utilized Aloha’s VPN feature while the browser is open.

4) Negative on the screen shot request…I’m not receiving an error message - the VPN simply turns off or is being turned off.


Please send us report:

1. Go to iPhone/iPad Settings

2. Scroll down to find Aloha app and tap it

3. Turn Debug switch on

4. Go to Aloha app

5. Tap Report in the top right corner and send it to us

We will look into it as soon as we can.


Thank you again for your reply. I seem to having difficulty locating the ‘report’ feature that you described. After enabling the debug feature and returning to the Aloha app (v3.4.2) the only setting in the upper right hand corner leads to settings….and I don’t see ‘report’ there either.


can I see it in the screenshot please?

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