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Error Sharing Video to Aloha

Answered B Herbert 2 years ago

When traveling I have a download work flow to conserve hotspot… I Download a video in Aloha on iphone, from files app I airdrop it to ipad, then from camera roll I share to aloha on ipad.

Just reverently, when sharing the videos from camera roll to aloha I get a long “preparing” (this is typical) then when it gets to the end it fails and says “error preparing file, try again later”

I thought it might be a compatibility issue, but the files plays in aloha and camera roll on iphone and camera roll on ipad. Plenty of space available.

Iphone 12pro


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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us. This looks like ios glitch, please reboot your devices and try again. It should do the trick!

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