Fed up with having to agree to ”I accept cookies...” on nearly every webpage

By pontemorandi 4 years ago

Is there a way to add a choice regarding the irritating ”I accept-cookie-problem”?

I understand its a matter of such things as GDPR so I’m not suggesting it should be the standard settings - but could you not offer it as a choice in the Settings?

Up to now i have been satisfied using Safari + the app AdGuardPro who lets me choose what filters I want. As adblocking, annoyances and the cookie problem with adding filters as ”I dont care about cookies”. In so feed up with surfing the web and on almost every website having to click ”I agree to../I accept cookies...

I am sure this an annoying problem to a lot of people.

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Thanks for your feedback! We will do our best to add such function to our Adblock settings, so please stay tuned!

Take care,

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