IOS 14 beta. Videos and downloads dont work with VPN turned on.

By David Kinsey 2 years ago

Using the free version I can watch videos and Download with VPN off. But as soon it’s turned on I can browse but not play videos and download. IOS 14 adds Aloha to VPN settings. See attached

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Hi there,

Please do the following:

1. Go to Aloha 'Settings'

2. Scroll all the way down and choose 'Remove VPN Profile'

3. Close Settings

4. Tap Shield icon and re-install VPN profile

Do not operate VPN settings in iPhone settings, always manage VPN service in Aloha browser. Should do the trick!

Take care,


Hi thanks for the reply. I’ve deleted the VPN profile but then when I click on the shield again The iPhone wants to add Aloha VPN to the phones VPN settings! If I select don’t allow I get the error message No VPN profile installed error message please see attached


Please tap allow - thats a standard iOS message. Once VPN is installed, please operate VPN in Aloha browser 👍

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