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My app isnt updating

Answered mesi meee 5 years ago

I dont really comment on forums much but the only reason im putting this much energy seeking out help is because i use this app for a LOT of edits and plus some of my projects im working on that are due next week. I have files on the app i cant access anything because it keeps saying i need to update it but every time i try to my app says that its not compatible i need to know what that means and whats going on. I have a iphone 5c btw so if you can get back to me soon that would be very good help. i sure hope someone can help me cause honestly im aggravated and i need my project files ( which i can not accces ) by next week. PLEASE HELP ME. I need my project files by next week please.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. We are releasing fix for this bug in a couple of days, and you will be able to use Aloha on your iPhone again 👍

We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Aloha Team



Please update Aloha, the fix is out 🙂

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