By merlin maverick 3 years ago

I got re-directed to one of the scam sites that says, basically: “call us, your phone is infected” and pops up a phone call prompt. Obviously I know this is a scam, but I can’t get out of the loop. Every time I launch Aloha, the tab does whatever it does and crashes the app before I can close the tab or switch over to another tab. I’ve tried restarting, hard phone reset, the various options from the home screen long press (new tab, close all tabs, etc.) None of these have worked. I’m hoping to avoid wiping my files, bookmarks, etc. Any thoughts on how I can get this tab closed?

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Please do the following to reset aloha settings (it will close all your existing tabs and eliminate this pop up):

1. Go to iPhone Settings

2. Scroll down to find Aloha app and tap it

3. Turn Debug switch on

4. Go to Aloha app

5. Tap Reset in the top left corner

6. Tap Reset Settings and confirm with 'yes'

Kind regards,

Aloha Team

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